The Unicorns (2017-)

"The Unicorns" and the "Making" series is a shared collaborative project between myself and Emily Lehman that incorporates crudely made fantasy-like costumes, masks, and props into surreal and absurd performance and video. The performances and actions we take are not specifically scripted. Instead, we set a very loose framework to work around, with the physical and communicative limitations of our constructions guiding us to struggle to meet our end goal (whatever that may be.) We are interested in this awkward struggle of communication and relationships as we feel it parallels (ridiculously so) the struggles of both one-on-one and group dynamics, while also touching on issues relating to gender roles and the current discourse surrounding politics and broader society. . . . . Our first project was the duo video-performance "Making Out" and "Making It!", where our two characters engaged in the act of attempting to make a cake. Both of these included sound-work by Ryan Paluczak and Greg Sullo, who were also dressed in unicorn costumes. They responded to our actions and we responded to the sounds they created, not strictly so, but more in a dream-like meandering sort of way. For our live performance, we made a cake beforehand and had a couple volunteers hand out slices of this cake to audience members to either hold on to or eat during our performance. ("Making It!" video: ) . . . ("Making Out" video: ) . . . . . Our second project, "Making Friends", is a video based work that consists of our unicorn characters coming into contact with several other androgynous purple characters. The video is split into two halves; the unicorns come ashore onto a deserted island on one side, while a group of swaying and humming spherical headed purple people inhabit the other side. Eventually the characters weave from one side to the other as time and space becomes distorted. (Video: )

Making Friends - 2017 - Video
(Family Photo)
Making It! - 2017 - Video documentation of a performance done at University Galleries in Normal, IL
(Group Photo - L to R - Emily Lehman, Ryan Paluczak, Greg Sullo, Felicia Cannon, (me), Brian Flight)
Making Out - 2017 - Video
Mr. Unicorn