Rex (2012)

In the Autumn of 2012, I was part of a large scale sculpture exhibition (The Undesirables) featuring the work of four other talented emerging artists (Sherrie Rennie, Tamara Weller, Laura Magnusson, Ben Bonner). For this show, I created a fourteen foot tall dinosaur named Rex. Viewers could walk underneath him and take solace in a noise-reduced and warmly lit temple between his legs, or they could walk on a balcony perched above him where one could stare into his giant wet eye and pet his softly shaking muzzle. I like to think of him as a creature in transition... an assemblage of broken and scattered parts that were salvaged from his world and recreated into something that is both afraid and hopeful. Fear of this unbeaten path he is now walking on, hope that its the right path leading him into the future.

Rex - 15' x 12' x 12' - Foam, Wood, Paint, Fabric, Resin, Lights, Fibreglass - First four photographs by Ryan Klatt