Frog Slippers and my Buffalo Heart (2017)

I did a performance piece for my spring 2017 graduate review which incorporated some sculptures that I made along with some costume pieces. I was thinking a lot about how to incorporate my body into my work and by extension, my objects into performance, while simultaneously implicating the viewer into the experience. It starts off as a somewhat structured thing (artist talking about work) and falls into a different kind of thing, with dream-logic and loose narration. Transformation is important. Brain becomes heart, man becomes creature, object becomes thing becomes something becomes being. These photos are of some of the objects and characters from the performance. Also included in this performance were the pieces "Flamingo" and "Puppyhood." Photos of Flamingo: Photos of Puppyhood: Video of this performance:

Frog Slippers with Big Shirt - 6' x 2.5' x 1' - Fabric, Fluff, Glue
Smiley - Cardboard, Paper Mache, Flocking, Paint, Yarn
B(ryan) - 8" x 14" x 2" - Silicone, Dirt
Speedo (In Progress) - 18" x 14" x 12" Silicone, Foam