Flamingo (2017)

“Flamingo” is a project that I originally created for a pop-up show that was at a hotel suite in the Midtown Manhattan Hilton in New York City. The piece evolved from the idea of wanting to create a large scale sculpture that could be compacted to fit into a suitcase. Looking for inflatable pool toys to blow up, I came across a giant flamingo. I am enamoured with the imagery of flamingos because of its history of American kitsch and its subversive use as a symbol in queer culture. I also like the fact that the bird form becomes somewhat nondescript underneath the fabric, so that it can potentially be a swan or stork or goose or flamingo. I created two well-endowed gay aliens to lie on top of it because well, the whole thing is very absurd (and other and queer). Although I liked how it was initially displayed in the hotel room, I decided to create a soft, mythical pyramid for the flamingo to live on... and because apparently aliens created the pyramids. I don't know if they were gay aliens, but the pyramids are pretty fabulous.

Flamingo - 6' x 6' x 7.5' - Vinyl, Silicone, Foam, Wood, Fabric, Paint
Flamingo - Installed during 'You're Welcome To Come,' a pop-up show in the Mtown Manhattan Hilton