Early (-2010)

Here is some of my early work including my thesis undergraduate year at the University of Manitoba. A lot of this work was kinetic and it was all very much self-portraiture, touching on themes of worth, depression, apathy, yearning, and frustration. The kinetic elements here gave a certain kind of 'life' to the work, and along with the themes/ideas I began exploring and materials I began manipulating, it laid forth the foundation which to this day I'm still building and evolving from.

Bob - 24" x 12" x 10" - Copper, Foam, Wire, Motor, Wood, Paint, Moss
Big Foot - 7' x 6' x 3' - Fur, Metal, Panda Doll, Ornamental Deer, Canvas - Photos by Sarah Anne Johnson
Hairy Legs - 6' x 3' x 3' - Fiberglass, Wood, Foam, Glue, Metal, Paint, Slinky - Photo by Sarah Anne Johnson
300 lbs - 7' x 3.5' x 3' - Foam, Drywall Compound, Glass, Paint, Fur, VHS Tape, Cotton, Bubblegum - Photo by Sarah Anne Johnson
Veritgo Man - 38" x 54" x 26" - Record Player, Foam, Aluminum Foil, Paint, Metal, Clay - Photo by Sarah Anne Johnson