Drip (2017)

“Drip” is made up of two main components; a sculpture and a series of three prints. This piece stemmed from my partner cutting himself on a cheese grater. I wrapped up his finger in paper towel to stop the bleeding, and when I noticed the paper towel in the trash can later that evening, I decided to unfold it. The sheer beauty of the bloodied bandage struck in me such awe that I knew that I would have to make some art with this. I encased the blood prints in clear silicone into which I pressed a mold that I made of my skin. The sculpture element came into fruition afterwards. I think of the sculptural piece as a psudeo-creature made up of four legs, a body, a spine, and a head... almost like a deconstructed beast. I find it fascinating how relationships allow for the merging of each other in kind of gross or abject ways that just become natural. I like it when multiple things break down and merge into weird new things, like beautiful abominations.

Drip - 4.5' x 2' x 2' - Resin, Plaster, Wood, Paper Mache, Paint