Asshole & Anticipation (2015)

With this work, I wanted to create a couple of pieces that challenged the definitions of painting by bringing sculptural elements into them while creating forms, textures, and colors that visually emphasized both the gross and beautiful elements of sexual intercourse. I believe that shamelessness and expression of sexuality is vital to the well-being of the human psyche. With "Anticipation, Penetration, Ejaculation", I set forth to create a loose triptych based on these three words. Forms throughout the painting intermingle and visually communicate with each other, paralleling the awkward absurdity of the act of fucking. The bright red horizon line and accompanying side bursts provide a symbolic penetration point in which these forms secrete into one another. "Asshole" is a brazen reflection of my lust. It is set against the back of a scavenged painting that has been given a skin-like texture, while a large repulsive growth with a gaping lit-up hole oozes off the canvas, inviting wary onlookers to gander inside.

Asshole - 5' x 4' x 3' - Canvas, Paint, Foam, Epoxy, Fabric, Rhinestones, Light
Anticipation, Penetration, Ejaculation - 9' x 4.5' x 1' - Wood, Paint, Foam, Plasticine, Epoxy, Gold Leaf